General Health and Progress Update

table_balanceI mentioned recently that I became quite congested after eating non-raw meals. Well, it’s happened again! Once, I could write off as coincidence. Twice, I’m not so sure.

My mother, who lives with me as I’m her part-time carer, has somewhat reluctantly been joining me on the raw food journey. As I prepare all meals, she pretty much eats whatever I give her, however some raw meals have gone down better than others. I’ve successfully converted her to green smoothies and juices. Giving up meat, cheese and cooked food? Well, that’s another matter.

Therefore, in order to create some balance and keep the peace, I’ve been incorporating two or three cooked meals into my weekly meal plan. That still keeps me at around 70-80% raw, which is what I originally aimed at anyway. This week, tuna mornay was on the menu – thick, creamy, cheesy white sauce. And I felt terrible the next day! I actually woke myself up wheezing that night, as my asthma was playing up that badly.

Some cooked meals don’t seem to have affected me, such as fried rice, couscous and beef pot pies. It appears to be the high-dairy content meals that are the culprit.

We’ve also been working our way through a stock-pile of Hot cross buns.  Again, whether this is pure coincidence I’m not sure, but I have put 1kg back on. Not happy Jan!

Oh, and there’s that batch of rocky road I made to use up the marshmallows I had in the cupboard….

Mum has been referred to a naturopath, who takes a holistic approach to health. Diet and nutrition are part of what she looks at, along with offering a number of natural therapies. Research on her website has shown that she seems to use a combination of the GenoType diet, Paleo diet and Mediterranean diet as the basis for her nutrition plans. I’ve done a bit of research on each of these, and it could be interesting to see what the outcome is!

Has anyone experienced any of these diets? What are your thoughts?

Our appointment is on the 8th, so I’ll let you know how we go.

What, Why, When

Well firstly – who am I, and what is this all about?

My name is Paula, and I have made a decision that 2014 is going to be the year I regain my health.  Not that I have a terrible lifestyle.  I’ve always convinced myself that I actually have a better than average lifestyle.  I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I eat mostly organic food.  However, I have a very sedentary life, with an office job, followed by an evening in front of the TV.  I also tend to not eat lunch, as my job is so busy.  So I either don’t eat at all, or snack on not-so-good food when I just get too hungry.

I have also never been very concerned regarding my appearance – I’m certainly no fashionista, and prefer to simply be comfortable.  I had realised that my weight was going up,  and I was having to buy larger clothes, but I just told myself “hey, that’s only a size 14-16, that’s the new average”.  No problem!

However, when I saw the photos from my work Christmas party, it really hit home.  I’m fat!  The other thing that has been driving me mad is the fatigue.  I’m so tired of being


I’m in my early 30’s, but find myself taking ‘nanna-naps’ on the weekend.  I can’t find the energy to have a social life or do things that I enjoy.  Something needs to change.

Through a random set of circumstances, I found myself on a website talking about Raw Food.  I had previously eaten some vegan and raw food at my local Organic cafe, and found it to be absolutely delicious.  But I’d never thought about eating that way all the time.

As usually happens, that website led to other links, other websites, facebook pages and all sorts of info.

Something clicked – it just made sense.

Hence I made the decision to venture into the world of Raw Food.  I don’t make impulsive decisions; I research, dig around and find as much information as I can before taking a leap into anything.  With Raw, the more information I find, the more interested and determined I become that this is what I need to do.

I’ve only been experimenting with Raw for a couple of weeks, but already I am noticing some significant changes.  I hope that by sharing my journey, I may be able to help someone else who may be sitting on the fence.  I’ll give plenty of links to sites that I have found helpful, share recipes (both those that work, and the failures!).

Grab your green smoothie and come along! 🙂