Healthy Every Day Cookbook

imageSince having our dietary lives upset, I seem to be spending most of my time looking at recipes.  A very timely new cookbook has arrived on the shelves from Australian chef Pete Evans – Healthy Every Day.

I snapped up a copy from Big W, and proceeded to read through and mark off recipes to try.  It’s a very comprehensive book, with lots of extra tips and info.

I have just a few recipes tagged to try – could take me a while to work through them all!

We’ve already tried the quinoa crusted fish – mmm mmm!

Sweet Treats are Still Legal!

If you’re like me, when you first think of the Raw Diet, you think there will be nothing but carrot, celery sticks and salads.


I’ll admit that I have a definite a sweet tooth, so I would really struggle with not having an occasional sweet treat. Fortunately that’s not too much to ask.

This is a raw caramel slice that is absolutely scrumptious!  This was my second attempt – the first one’s base did not bind properly. Note: definitely use the fresh medjool dates and blend for long enough to draw some of the oil out of the nuts.


I am certainly having lots of fun trying out these new techniques!