My Best Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

1898010_10202846805552462_1732105077_nHaving experimented with making green smoothies over the last few weeks, I have formulated my ‘basic smoothie’.

This can then be tweaked or adapted depending on the specific ingredients I have on hand, and to provide some variety.

When first trying green smoothies, I jumped straight for the kale – not such a good idea.  It has quite a strong flavour, and made the smoothies a little hard to take for a newbie.  It didn’t help that I just threw some other random ingredients in there hoping that it would taste OK.  Not always the case!

Therefore, after some trial and error, I have hit on the recipe for success!

My Basic Recipe (makes 2 serves)

  • 250ml coconut water
  • Half an orange (I like valencia’s as they are lovely and juicy), segmented and peeled
  • Half a lemon (put the whole segments in rather than juicing them), peeled
  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1 large or 2 small bananas
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • Several fresh mint leaves
  • 4 ice cubes

Blend together until smooth and enjoy!

Alternatives or additions could include:

  • Kale or cos lettuce in place of spinach
  • Almond (or other nut) milk in place of coconut water
  • Add chia or flax seeds
  • Add your fruit of choice!

Back on the Raw Food Wagon

EvenTonight's tea though I’ve decided to make a slow transition to the Raw Diet, I had achieved at least two raw meals a day over the last two weeks. The last two days saw and end to that – and didn’t I pay the price!

It was the old ‘too tired’ and ‘too rushed’ evening meal that was my undoing. I was still having my smoothies for lunch and snacking on fruit and nuts. However, tea became ham and salad rolls. Wheat rolls. Large wheat rolls.

I would have considered that a reasonably decent meal until a few weeks ago. Now I am mentally kicking myself in the behind for ‘falling off the wagon’.

I also missed my green smoothies on those days. Dismal failure.

The physical reaction was quite astounding. The fatigue really kicked back in, and my belly was not impressed whatsoever. I’ve been taking more bathroom breaks than is enjoyable.

Never again! Now that I’ve experienced some of how I can feel on the Raw Food diet, I am determined to stick with it. As a lot of the sites I follow point out – it is OK to have an occasional cooked or non-raw meal. However, ‘occasional’ would be the key word there.   Not days in a row.  And keep up those smoothies!!