Gluten Free Baking Gem – Elana’s Pantry

As with many diets and food allergies, there are a host of websites for each with information, news, ideas and recipes.

One that I found to be very helpful to suit our needs is Elana’s Pantry.  She has the kind of recipes that I like – simple, wholesome and traditional – and her recipes are categorised depending on need.  So whilst all of her recipes are gluten free, I can go to the Egg-Free page and find recipes that are even more ideal.

Of that big batch of baking I did last week, most of the recipes were from Elana’s site.  Most of them turned out well, however my oven is dying, which makes it difficult to maintain the correct temperature.  Many items wind up burnt on the outside yet still raw in the middle.  With perseverance, and returning a few items to the oven, everything came out edible and pretty darn tasty.

The main staple in Elana’s baking is almond flour.  This started me on a hunt – what on earth is almond flour?  Some research and digging led me to the discovery that almond flour is essentially almond meal made from blanched almonds, and ground a little finer.  The result is a crumbly, pale yellow and slightly oily meal.

There is some debate about just how healthy this is, due to the amounts used in recipes.  1 cup of the almond flour is equivalent to about 90 almonds, which you certainly wouldn’t generally eat in one sitting.  Yet you wouldn’t (or certainly shouldn’t) eat an entire batch of biscuits made with that cup of almond flour either.  I believe that the ‘everything in moderation’ rule applies here.  Almonds are exceptionally healthy, with good fats and nutrients.  As long as you eat the resulting baked goods in moderation, you can’t go too wrong.

Butter Cookies



Fig Newtons



Muesli Scones




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