Veggie Garden Take 2 – Doomed to Fail?

imageAs predicted, my first attempt at a vegetable garden was a complete failure. Everything bar the basil is dead, and even it’s not looking too healthy. However, I really only have myself to blame.

My timing was completely off, as just as I purchased the seedlings, a heat wave rolled in, followed by weeks of rain and miserable weather. There was also the fact that I simply bunged them in and hoped they’d grow – no mulch, no thought to water drainage, and very little love. More of a typical Aussie ‘She’ll be right mate!”.

Well all was not right. The fact that I’m trying to grow vegetables in containers has simply added to my dramas. I know that this is completely doable – it’s just that it does take some extra thought and planning, something I had done very little of.

So, we are onto attempt number two, with hopefully a much better outcome.

  • Water drainage issues – solved (hopefully)
  • Organic, vegetable growing potting mix used – check
  • Soil well moistened prior to planting – check
  • New seedlings planted – check
  • Carefully mulched with Lucerne – check
  • Well watered in – check

Plenty of TLC is in store for these little seedlings, and hopefully a bumper crop of tomatoes, kale and lettuce is in the cards.


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