How to Commit Recipe Murder – Carrot Cake Bites with Orange Maple Frosting

imageA couple of weeks ago I shared a blog from Morgan’s Fresh Kitchen that I thought sounded divine – Raw Carrot Cake with Orange Maple icing – mmm!

I finally had the chance to try it last weekend, and I don’t know exactly what I did, but I managed to butcher it.  My end result looked great, but tasted awful.

As the recipe advises, the mixture can be kept fairly chunky, or blended pretty smooth.  I went with the smooth option, as it appeared that it would hold together better.  I think this was my second mistake — over-blending it. The first mistake, in 20/20 hindsight, was choosing large, mature carrots. They lacked that sweetness of newer ones.

For once I actually followed the recipe to the letter, however the recipe states 8-12 dates.  I went with 10, thinking that should be a happy medium.  Perhaps going with the 12 would have added more sweetness and flavour.

I pressed my mixture into muffin tin holes lined with cling wrap.  This made them easy to remove, and they looked great!  My icing wasn’t as smooth as it could be – it should have been blended for a little longer.  All in all though, I thought they looked wonderful, which is pretty good for me, as food presentation isn’t my strong point.

The taste truly failed to amaze though.  The texture was a little gluggy, and just a bit bland, especially if you took a bite without any raisins in it.  A very big let down after how pleased I was with their appearance.

Never one to give up or throw away food, I decided to try and salvage them.  I ‘dehydrated’ them in my oven at it’s lowest temperature (about 50 C) for an hour.  I then served them drizzled with maple syrup to try and add some extra flavour, and my eggless custard.

I will definitely try them again, and try to figure out just where I went wrong. If you try them, can you give me some pointers please? They look too yummy not to try and master 🙂

2 responses

  1. Awwwwww man. This is terrible news! I’m so sorry you had bad luck with the recipe! I will also re-create this recipe and see if the mistake lies on my side!

    • Thanks Morgan. I’m not exactly a master chef, so it’s very possible I simply butchered it :). I think I may have over-processed it, to get that funny texture, and an extra couple of dates could really help the flavour. The frosting was lovely! 🙂

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