Superfood Review – Camu Camu

imageNext on my list is Camu Camu, yet another South American ancient food that is now being touted to the Western world as a superfood.

Originating from the shores of the Amazon in Peru and Brazil, it can now also be commonly found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia.  The reddish purple cherry-like fruit is generally harvested by native Amazonians from canoes, as the trees grow along the river shoreline. It is a close relative of the jaboticaba and the guavaberry or rumberry, with each tree providing a rich harvest in comparison to its size.

Nutritionally, it has been shown to have an extraordinarily high level of vitamin C, contains amino acids such as valine, leucine and serine, and is also a rich source of flavonoids.

The flesh of the fruit is extremely acidic, so is generally combined into smoothies or ice creams in order to provide sweetness.  Camu Camu is generally found in powdered form, either loosely or in capsules.

I have been adding camu camu to my green smoothies, and haven’t really noticed the flavour at all.  The main purpose I have been using it for is the vitamin C content, especially as we come into winter and the flu season.  I simply don’t have time to be sick!


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