Progress Update and Looming Detox

Orange wedges dropping into waterI’ve mostly just been sharing recipes lately, so thought I should update you on my progress in general.

My weight is very slowly dropping, and I have almost met my first milestone, which is pretty exciting!

Another thing I have really noticed is that I am not so much of a puffing billy anymore. Walking from the car park to my office, which is on a very slight incline and includes two flights of stairs, used to leave me puffing and wheezing. Now, I am only breathing slightly heavier, and usually only if I am weighed down by excess luggage – laptop, travel bag etc. For me, that is a huge improvement!

I am about to undertake my next big challenge though – a juice detox.  I have always been dubious of detox programs, and have never seriously thought about doing one.  This juice detox however, is based on natural raw juices and smoothies, so fits right in with the lifestyle change I am attempting.

I doubt that I will go flat out and do a hard-core detox.  The program does call for only the juices to be consumed for 5 days, and only SOS foods to be eaten if absolutely necessary.  I don’t think I’m quite game enough yet to do that, so will probably still have a raw evening meal, or something along those lines.  I will definitely keep you updated – this could get interesting!


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