A Weighty Issue

bathroom scalesWhilst it is not my primary focus for making this venture into the world of Raw Food, I will admit that I am hoping to lose a substantial amount of weight by changing my diet in this way.

I also admit that I have not changed anything else.  Exercise is still a foreign concept, other than walking to and from my office from where I park.  I know, this will have to change!

In any case, I am pleased to report that I have lost 1kg (2 pounds) this week.  It may not seem much, but I am happy to be making any downward progress!

I am also positive that I am losing some of ‘the pudge’ and puffiness.

  • I can see my cheekbones again
  • I’m fairly sure I have muscles in my arms – they have been hiding for far too long
  • My pants are having trouble staying in place

All good signs I would say!


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