Change in Colour Scheme – Fresh Produce Never Looked So Good

imageOne thing that I am really appreciating about my new shopping habits is the visual beauty of my groceries.

That may sound weird, but there is such a beautiful rainbow of colours when I unpack my shopping that I just have to stand back and appreciate it!

Rather than packets and boxes (even though most of those were still organic, and as natural as possible), there is nothing quite like a display of produce ‘as nature intended’.  Beautiful and delicious!


imageI have also decided to try my hand at growing my own herbs, as I am using so many of them now in such a variety of recipes.  However, I do have a bit of a brown thumb, so it will be interesting to see how many survive my ministrations.

To get started, I have purchased oregano, dill, curly parsley, flat-leaf parsley, chives, basil x 2 (I do love my pesto!), coriander and chocolate mint.

The next plan is to also try growing tomatoes, lettuce and kale.  I have grown tomatoes previously, though my vege garden has been sitting empty for a few years now.  Time to get back on track!

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