My First Raw Food Workshop

I attended my first raw food workshop yesterday, and found it very interesting and insightful. The main topic was ‘cleansing’ with raw food.  This was not looking at a detox programming or juice fast; but rather how the raw diet maintains and cleanses your body on a continual basis. As the instructor said,

How often do you shower?  Every day or only occasionally?

This is the same approach we should take with the inside of our bodies too.  Rather than clog them up with empty foods devoid of nutrients then try to flush out our system every few months, we should be maintaining it with daily high-value food. This puts less stress on our bodies and leads to an overall more healthy lifestyle.

We tried out several juice, smoothie and salad recipes, some of which I probably wouldn’t have chosen to make myself. However, that’s another bonus of workshops – you can experiment with new tastes, and often be pleasantly surprised, as I was.  I didn’t expect to enjoy carrot and ginger juice or beetroot salad, but found them both to be very delicious!

That’s another thing I am finding with this raw food experience. I need to keep an open mind, and be willing to try new tastes. Food in its pure form can taste totally different to the cooked or canned varieties we are used to.

Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon. And I plan to hunt down another raw food workshop very soon!


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