Bodily Reactions – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When you first start on the Raw Diet, don’t be surprised if your body has a bit of a freak out.

I chose to do a slow transition rather than a cold turkey detox. Even so, there were a few ramifications as my body adjusted to having so much goodness and fibre put into it.

I experienced bloating and discomfort for a few days. There were a few headaches, though not extreme ones. Also, I had a minor facial breakout – probably as the toxins tried to find any avenue of escape. However, my skin is now clearer than it’s been for many years.

I did find Raw Food 101 from Yuri Elkaim to be really helpful in explaining some of what was going on. He explains Raw Food from a scientific perspective, looking at enzymes, proteins, and some of the more…ah…delicate issues of digestion. You can subscribe to Yuri’s newsletter, or get all of his video tutorials in an Android app.

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