Money Matters

One thing that I noticed when starting to investigate the Raw Food diet, is that it could get very expensive, very quickly.  There are a few items of equipment that are used in a lot of recipes that not everyone has, and that are not exactly cheap.

I am fortunate in that I already own a Thermomix, so therefore have the blender and food processor angle covered.  I didn’t want to go spending hundreds of dollars on new appliances until I am positive that this new lifestyle is going to work for me – plus I have a tiny kitchen and nowhere to store them!

I have made the decision to leave dehydration alone for the time being.  It is a very time-consuming process, and I am rather impatient.  There are plenty of other recipes and food options without dehydration to keep me busy for a while anyway.  I have just purchased a juicer, though it is a manual juicer, quite basic, but enough to get me started.  It’s also less than $100, while most juicers start at over $300.

My other ‘splurge’ has been on a spirooli.  I am a pasta-lover, and the ability to make pasta from vegetables that actually looks like real pasta was too much to pass up.  You could simply use a vegetable peeler or julienne peeler though.

There are also quite a few new and exotic ingredients found among Raw Food recipes.  These can be hard to track down, and can also be pricey.  Again, I’ve chosen to limit what I use in this area.  It does help that my local organic store has some of these products in their bulk bins, so I can just purchase a small amount to try them out.

It appears that the Raw diet can really be as expensive or as affordable as you choose.  A decent blender and food processor are a must.  I have also had to buy two extra fruit bowls, and completely rearrange my fridge to accommodate all of the additional fresh produce I am buying!  But other than that, your standard kitchen equipment should get you out of trouble to begin with.


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