Seeking the Truth

One thing I’ve found is that there are a lot of Raw Foodists, each with their own spin on this lifestyle, and their own worldview.  Some are 100% raw, some are only partial.  Some are only interested in the health benefits, others have animal rights or environmental viewpoints.  Some say to ‘jump right in’, others advise a slow transition.

I have decided to review all of the information, and choose what works for me.  I am taking a transition approach to becoming Raw, and will likely not even become 100% raw.  For the purposes of this blog, I am interested in how this new way of eating will work for me and improve my health.  That is my approach, so you won’t see any other agendas here.  I may not necessarily agree with the whole viewpoint of the sites and foodists that I link to, but they will have something that I have found helpful and useful.  I hope you will find the same.

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